Start building your future at Scituate High School

Start building your future
at Scituate High School

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Be more. Be inspired.
Be a Spartan.
We are one of the most advanced small high schools in Rhode Island, and enrolling is free for all CTE Pathway students.

RIDE-approved CTE Pathways

Welcome to Scituate High School
A place where you can stand out

To be a Spartan means to persevere, to help others, and to strive for personal and academic success. Scituate High School is dedicated to helping you reach your goals, and we provide every one of our students with the opportunities and skills they need to be successful on any path they choose.

Our school community has set high standards for students through meaningful instruction and personalized, student-centered learning experiences. As a small high school, we are able to provide opportunities that larger schools cannot, all while preserving a tradition of excellence in a family atmosphere.

Choose who you want to be

Academy of Computer Science

Do you want to transform how people work, play, and connect with each other? Do you want to create socially useful apps to share with friends, build a website, or market your own digital innovations? Scituate High School’s RIDE-approved Computer Science Pathways can take you there.

Academy of Engineering

Do you want to make an impact on how the world works? Are you interested in solving practical, real-world problems? Have you ever thought about how to launch space explorations or improve renewable energy? You can start right here, at Scituate High School, with students from all across the state.

Academy of Biomedical Science

Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you have an interest in science, genetics, or medicine? Have you ever thought of becoming a doctor, a microbiologist, or a researcher? Now, any student in Rhode Island can start learning how at Scituate High School.

Academy of Entrepreneurship

Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to build a competitive and successful business? Do you want to be able to innovate in any field? Learn how to put bring ideas to life in Scituate High School’s RIDE-approved CTE program, open to all Rhode Island Students from any district.


Be more. Be inspired. Be a Spartan.

Scituate High School
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