Open Houses and Tours

Scituate High School is a close-knit community and we want you to get a sense of who we are and what we’re all about. That’s why we encourage personalized tours and student shadows over larger, impersonal open houses.

Personalized Tours vs. Open Houses

We want you to understand right away why you will feel right at home at Scituate High School, and why our CTE Academies are exceptional programs, with teachers who have relevant – and interesting – real world experience in their fields. That’s why we run personalized tours for every student interested in the CTE Academies instead of conducting an open house.

At an open house, you might get an overview of everything, which can leave out the most important piece: you.

A personalized tour with one of our CTE Academies faculty will give you the opportunity to see the Scituate High School you will experience, and we can customize what we see and where we go to your interests. You’ll get to meet students up-close – some who are working on projects you’re interested in, and others who are involved in the same activities you want to take part in. You’ll see students and teachers interacting naturally and get a real sense of what being a Scituate Spartan means.

Be a Spartan for the Day

In addition to personalized tours, we can also pair you with one of our CTE Academy students, who you can get to know and follow their day as they go through it. You’ll participate in the projects they’re working on, meet their friends and teachers, and get to know the CTE Academy you’re interested in from the inside.

Schedule a Tour or Student Shadow Day

We schedule personalized tours and student shadowing Monday through Friday, working both with your schedule and what’s going on at Scituate High School.

To schedule, please e-mail or call:

Brian Sheehan, Scituate High School CTE Academies Coordinator


phone: (401) 647-4120 

Be more. Be inspired. Be a Spartan.

Scituate High School
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