Start Innovating And Bring Your Ideas to Life

Do you want to work for yourself? Do you want to build a competitive and successful business? Do you want to be able to innovate in any field?

Scituate High School’s RIDE-approved Entrepreneurship Academy is the ultimate learning experience for bringing any idea to life. Learn how to put ideas into action and evaluate goals, while learning to take smart risks and increase your organizational and management capacity.

The entrepreneurial skills you learn at Scituate High School are valuable in every career. From small businesses to large enterprises, you’ll learn to be flexible and innovative as you meet business challenges head-on. You’ll gain financial knowledge while developing your problem-solving techniques and critical evaluation skills.

As a Scituate Spartan in the Entrepreneurship Academy, you will have more opportunities to get ahead. Grow your innovation, your confidence, and, potentially, your business with us!

Business Resources

  • 1-to-1 Chromebooks for Entrepreneurship Academy
  • Industry mentorship program
  • Community business and organizational partners


  • Entrepreneurship
  • Psychology/Sociology of the Consumer
  • Economics EE
Membership/Certifications in:
  • DECA
  • National Retail Federation Certification
  • EverFI
  • NOCTI Certification

*80 Hours of work-based learning experience

*Senior Project Aligned to Career Cluster

Major Projects & Activities

  • DECA Club
  • School Store Development
  • Spartan Fashion Line
  • Online archive for Scituate Preservation Society
  • Development & outreach to alumni
  • Individual student entrepreneurial project

Be more. Be inspired. Be a Spartan.

Scituate High School
94 Trimtown Road
Scituate, RI 02857