Frequently Asked Questions

We live outside of Scituate. What are the tuition costs for the Academies?

My family lives outside of the Scituate School District. What are the tuition costs associated with attending Scituate High School?

Tuition costs for the CTE programs at Scituate High School are covered by your Rhode Island district of residence for eligible students.

Am I able to schedule a tour of Scituate High School?
I would like to tour Scituate High School before deciding whether to apply. Am I able to schedule a tour?

Of course! We encourage all students interested in Scituate High School to attend our annual open house, but if you are unable to make it to that event, we offer individual, personalized tours.

To schedule a tour, please contact Scituate High School at (401) 647-4120 or email

What Academies are available at Scituate High School?

What Academies are available to enroll in at Scituate High School?

There are currently four RIDE-approved CTE Academies that eligible students from other districts may apply for:

  1. Computer Science and Information Technology
  2. Biomedical Science
  3. Entrepreneurship
  4. Engineering

Scituate High School is currently in the approval process for two more CTE Academies: a Visual Arts Academy and a Music and Performing Arts Academy.


Is transportation provided to out-of-district students?

Is transportation provided to out-of-district students?

Transportation is provided for all in-district students.

If you and your student live outside Scituate, but inside Scituate’s transportation zone (which includes Coventry, Warwick, West Warwick, Foster, Glocester, and East Greenwich), transportation is provided as part of the Rhode Island Department of Education’s Statewide Student Transportation System.

If you live in other areas, Scituate has independently arranged for transportation pick-up and drop-off in Johnston, Cranston, and Providence. Locations include:

  • 175 Oaklawn Avenue, Cranston (Church of the Annunciation)
  • 1318 Plainfield Pike, Johnston (Nick’s Place)
  • 51 Manton Avenue, Providence (Dunkin Donuts)
  • 25 Putnam Pike, Johnston (Walgreens)
  • 2289 Hartford Avenue, Johnston (Johnston Fire Station)

Parking is also available for students outside of the transportation zone.

Do I need to stay in the Academy I start with at Scituate High School?

Once I choose to enroll in a specific Pathway, am I required to remain in that Academy while I am at Scituate High School?

While not required, staying in that Academy is recommended. These Academies are designed to encompass three years learning, so that you will have the opportunity to learn the necessary knowledge and skills, earn college credit, and/or industry certifications. However, the Academies are flexible, and students may choose to switch Academies.

Do I need to notify my school district my child will be attending SHS?
I live outside of the Scituate School District. Do I need to notify the school district in my community that my child will be attending Scituate High School?

You do need to notify your district of residence if you decide to formally apply formal to attend our school district. This is important because your home district will be covering the costs of tuition. Please note that, under current regulation, your district of residence may not prohibit you from attending a pathway in our school district.

You do not need to notify your current school district in order to get more information about our pathways, attend an open
house, take a tour, or look into attending Scituate High School.
What does the application process and timeline look like?
What does the application process and timeline look like?

Students from districts beside Scituate are must submit an application to attend Scituate High School. Applications are available here.

Early application is encouraged, but not required. Application for a September start is open though August.

We have an Open Enrollment policy, so that students can apply to the programs throughout the year. Students who apply during the school year are accepted on a first-come, first serve basis.

Once we receive you application, you will be notified within 7-14 days of your acceptance status.

What is the average class size for grades 9-12?

What is the average class size for grades 9-12?

The average class size is 16 students per class, though this varies depending on the program and class.

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